Design and Construction Challenge

Construction ChallengeThe Problem Solving Company offer a variety of puzzles  based on construction, however our Design and Construction Challenge takes construction to a whole new level,  sometimes quiet literally.

These giant kits consist of large pieces of plastic tubing, wheels, bolts, and panels that our instructors will set a variety of challenges to the participating teams. Activities such as stack it high or stack it low through to emergency rescue where teams have to create a delivery vehicle for a first aid kit to some injured adventurers. This might sound easy until you realise you also have to build a bridge to cross a river out of the provided pieces.

The Construction Kit Challenge days are a great way to challenge teams on activities that have varied solutions where teams will need to agree on an approach for success.

Theses days are tailored for upper KS2 and into Secondary School KS3, KS4,  KS5 and beyond.