Bushcraft Activity Days for Schools

The Bushcraft & Survival Carousel has been developed to allow students to take part in a varied collection of activities based around different skills that may be useful if stranded in a survival situation.

Generally setup on the school field we have chosen 6 12 different activities that will require students to learn new concepts and techniques that they will then put into practice during the hands on activities. From fire lighting to raft building, weaving to shelter building. The activities allow the students to work in groups encouraging problem solving, communication, planning and working together to be a big part of their day, as it would be in a real survival situation.

Working in groups the bushcraft and survival theme allows students to get an insight into the world of bushcraft and survival that has grown in popularity in recent years.

If you are interested in running a bushcraft and survival carousel and how we would fit it into your school day then please do get in contact.