Bookings now being taken for after Easter 2016  for our NEW Coding Workshops

Coding is now embedded in our lives, we all use apps, website and web applications everyday and by introducing coding into the curriculum, the Department of Education claimed it would “ensure every child leaves school prepared for life in modern Britain.”

Our KS2 coding workshops take coding to the next level in your school. Taught by professional coders with real industry experience, all pupils in the class are actively engaged in coding a simple game starting from a blank canvas, designing the functions, adapting algorithms and debugging their code until they have a fully working game. We chuck out the drag and drop “Scratch” method and start to introduce writing code to complete their small challenges. All of the challenges come together to make a complete product; their own game.

We introduce coding as a superpower, as in this digital age it really is. Pupils will take away a sense of “I can create anything with code” as they see their game come to fruition by coding the various components. They’ll implement character movement, sprites, deal with start and ending of the game, debug their code, understand how to create algorithms to solve problems and even add sound to their finished game.

The children work in small groups each with their own computer coding their own game. Working in small groups is an industry standard way of helping each coder learn and understand more about the language they are using and the application they are creating it also helps develop excellent verbal reasoning, explanation peer-to-peer teaching skills.

Our coding workshops are whole day events where the children will learn important coding concepts and paradigms. They’ll design the game by thinking about what makes a game and how each component of it fits together.

Catching a spark of imagination and interest in code has created some of the biggest companies in the world. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google were all started by people who caught the bug. By giving a real coding opportunity to all children they’ll stand much more of a chance of catching the bug themselves.