Maths Workshops

Problem Solving is a large part of the current Mathematical curriculum for both Primary and Secondary Schools. Our fun Maths Workshops showcase bespoke puzzles and challenges. These puzzles may look easy at first sight, but it is not until the solving begins that the challenge can be truly evaluated.

Primary School Maths Workshops

Our Primary Workshops are suitable for EYFS,  KS1 and KS2 allowing the whole school to take part in a Maths Day or Week. We want your pupils to be enthusePrimary School Maths Workshopsd by maths. With a range of exciting hands on activities, combined with our passion for maths, we hope that your pupils will be talking about our visit and maths, for weeks to come. Our large equipment allows full participation in our Maths Workshops. With all students being immersed in the activity is a great platform for talking to each. This will allow pupils to reason with each other enabling them to achieve the next step in the activity. Our workshops normally last for approx 35 mins for reception and Year 1 and 45-50 mins for the other year groups. We can however offer longer sessions lasting a full day depending on the different aims and objectives of the school.

As we visit many schools year on year we provide different activities for each group eliminating any repetition when we return the next year.

Below is a video of a Primary School we visited:


Secondary School Maths Workshops

Our workshops at Secondary school can cater for small groups through to full year groups for the whole day. We regularly run days with one instructor visiting the school. The instructor can work with a class at a time for 50-60 mins repeated through the day. For a full year group to take part in our Maths Workshops we bring multiple instructors. Classes will rotate around these instructors and a wide variety of maths problem solving activities.

Our Maths Workshops feature challenges using  shape, space and measurement to number and sequencing. In whatever style your pupils learn

they will be engaged and sure to have fun, which is the key to all learning and reasoning.

The Problem Solving Company has been delivering workshops in both Primary and Secondary schools for over 8 years and have become a firm favourite for many schools.

Our  Maths Workshops include giant tangrams, to enhance spatial awareness, large sequencing challenges,  3D puzzles to electronic mazes, to improve coordinates and positioning. Whatever the activities we differentiate the activities making them suitable for the year group in question.

Our trained instructors encourage the teams to use a mathematical approach with logical reasoning. The pupils are guided in debate to compare a range of strategies; then what at first seemed impossible can ultimately be achieved.

The large-scale equipment that we provide allows a memorable opportunity for pupils to solve maths puzzles and challenges. Our workshops not only improve each child’s individual thinking skills, but also the ability to work successfully in a team. With perseverance, the pupils achieve what they previously thought unattainable.

If you are interested in a Maths Workshop at your school please do contact us