Adventure Squad

The Problem Solving Company have been running Primary School Team Building Activities in schools since our first school visits in 2007.

We have taken a range of these activities and developed “Adventure Squad” enabling a cheaper way for your KS2 pupils to participate for longer.

Tailored specifically for Years 3 – 6 , this fun team building day has been a big hit at many Primary Schools.

The day will see your pupils, planning, communicating and working together.

By completing the tasks the teams will collect clues, acquire restricted information and gain currency which will help them in their end goal.

The pupils work in groups of 7-10 each with a teacher, TA or parent with each group. All of the activities are low risk and the adults will not need any prior knowledge of the activities.

The Problem Solving Company will provide the equipment, and set it up, with clear simple written instructions for each activity. Once complete the team return to the Challenge Board and choose their next task.

Our instructors will setup all of the activities,  run and oversee the day spending time with all of the groups and help them to evaluate their performances during the day.

At the end of the session/day each squad will see if they solve their mission. If you are a looking for a range of Primary School Team Building Activities, are your pupils up for the challenge?

We know that all schools have a mix of individual requirements for the whole school and also each year group. Our range of activity days helps these requirements to be met. As well as our Adventure Squad we offer the following team Building days for Primary Schools: Instructor Led Days; Orienteering ; Escape Rooms and Shipwrecked – Island Escape.

You may prefer a Maths focused workshop.



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Established in 2007
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