We are proud of our feedback for all of our school visits. Here are a few testimonials below:

“Brilliantly pitched –  I am sure Ofsted would say outstanding.”

Berkswell Primary School

“Thank you for organising such a brilliant day for us again. We’ve always been impressed by it.”

Leading Independent  Secondary school London

“The instructor was very supportive to the children and offered suggestions to bridge their thinking brilliantly.”

Newchurch Primary School

“It was a fantastic day and your staff were brilliant.”

Kingsford Academy

“All of the children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and all staff commented on how the delivery of all tasks was fantastic. The idea of the day was to enthuse children that maths can be fun – this definitely came across!”

Ark Tindal Primary School

“Same experience required next year please”

Secondary School Worcestershire

“The scale of the equipment was great as it allowed group work.”

Whitehall Primary School

“Teachers were extremely positive. They really enjoyed watching the group dynamics and two of them mentioned that they saw potential in a couple of children that they had previously thought were weaker in maths.”

Sacred Heart Primary School Battersea

“Excellent with the students and coped professionally with large numbers.”

Queenswood Secondary School

“Lots of team building and cooperation needed as well as maths skills “

Chyngton School

“All teachers across both Key stages and reception thought the workshops were excellent and the children enjoyed them very much. The activities used a variety of maths skills and also provided a great opportunity to develop team work skills. I would happily book the workshops again.”

Greenhill Primary School



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