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The Problem Solving Company are very aware of the importance of a Summer School Provision. We have worked alongside many Primary & Secondary in the delivery of a variety of Summer School Activities and courses. With many working parents, some Summer Schools are in purely in place to help with childcare. However for many  students these holiday courses give a chance for other opportunities.

One of these is to help the transition for Year 6 to Year 7 students from Primary to Secondary School. This huge milestone in a child’s school career will for some be a straight forward process. For others a critical step that if not supported properly may have long standing negative effects. Many summer schools address just this with giving pupils the chance to meet with, mix and befriend others who may be in a similar position. The Problem Solving Company have a plethora of activities that are suited to these social interactions. Working together, building trust,  communicating whilst sharing ideas to name a few are all so valuable skills to our young people at this stage of life

Summer Schools also give students the chance to catch up on their studies. There are many different reasons why students fall behind from illness to just needing that bit of extra support in some subjects. The Problem Solving Company have worked on numerous STEM summer schools. The collection of maths and Science activities that we take to UK schools is unique and brings a wow factor to holiday studies.

Summer School "Catch up"

With the 2020/2021 Coronavirus pandemic effecting the world schools and the wider community are recognising that children’s mental health or wellbeing is fundamental to enabling their recovery from this pandemic. The activities that we run are perfect for reigniting the social interactions that so many have missed out on. Whether it be just for fun such as our Mobile Laser Tag, a boost in maths with our hands on workshops or just an opportunity for some exciting team challenges we can help.

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