• Blindfold Pass – Free Blindfolded Team Building Activity
    For this blindfolded team building activity the group stand in a large circle. One member of the group stands in the middle of the circle. They need to wear a blindfold. The facilitator should then as carefully as possible pass a bell, or other noisy item, to one of the group members in the large […]
  • Battle of the Pen – Free Indoor Team Building Game
    This is an indoor team building game played around a table. Ideally even sized teams sit in lines facing each other across a table. Sitting in chairs is best as this will help to contain the games excitement! You will need a marker pen that can stand on its end. This will need to be placed in the […]
  • Fruit Salad – Free Team Building Game
    For this team building activity everyone is required to stand in a circle. The bigger the group the better – Tricky at the time of print! Go around the circle and give all team members a name – Kiwi, lime, pineapple, banana. These names can be whatever you fancy, although you need to […]
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