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  • The Sky Is The Limit aka Newspaper Towers – Free Team Building Exercise
    The Sky is the Limit –  AKA: Newspapers Towers,  This activity is a great team building exercise where the equipment of old newspapers and a small roll of cellotape is easily acquired. To set up the activity the facilitator will need to make sets of equal number of sheets of newspaper and a […]
  • Free Team Problem Solving Activity – Back To Back aka Sketch It
    Back to Back – Sketch it. Students will work in pairs and sit back to back. They will take it in turns to be the describer and the sketcher. The describer will describe a shape without saying the name whilst the sketcher will try to draw the described shape as accurately as possible. To make […]
  • Free Team Building Activity – Alphabet Hunt
      A great fun yet inexpensive team building activity. All that is required is some scissors a newspaper a piece of A4 paper and a glue stick or cellotape per team. We suggest that this activity is run in teams of 2-6. However larger teams will work. The aim of the activity is for the team to […]
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