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We often get asked if we have any Team Building & Problem Solving Activities that teachers can run before or after we visit the school. We have decided that the best way to tell you about a such activities and games is via our blog. The activities will use minimal equipment so this should not cause a headache for busy teachers. Any equipment required should easily be found at school.  We do not run these activities when we visit schools. Our activities use large, hands on, specialist equipment.

As well as telling you about these activities and games, our blog will give you an insight into some of our visits to schools, both Primary and Secondary, throughout the country. This will cover our range of activities from EYFS to KS1 & KS2 through to Secondary School years of KS3, KS4 and KS5. We offer Maths Activity WorkshopsTeam Building Days and School Escape Rooms. If you are interested in finding our more please do get in contact.

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Fruit Salad – Free Team Building Game

For this team building activity everyone is required to stand in a circle. The bigger the group the better – Tricky at the time of print!

Go around the circle and give all team members a name – Kiwi, lime, pineapple, banana. These names can be whatever you fancy, although you need to try and remember them all.

You will then randomly shout out one of the fruit. Team members with that name have to run around the circle and swap places with another of the named fruits. You cannot swap with someone next door to you.

Keep doing this, then randomly shout ‘fruit salad’ at which point, everyone needs to move (Carnage). You can use this as an eliminator – perhaps the last person to swap has to be the caller. 

Group Size: 6+

Key stages: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4,  KS5

Team Building Skills: Listening, communication, Encouragement

Equipment: No Equipment Required

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Mobile Escape Room – Team Building For Schools

The Team at The Problem Solving Company love taking part in team challenges and for many years we have been big fans of Escape Rooms. These immersive, team building activities are a great way for work or friendship teams to bond.

For many years we have been running a compact version of escape rooms for schools by using our Escape Boxes. This has been a phenomenal success with us now having run mobile escape room Activities for many thousands of schools throughout the UK.

For many years we have also had the conversation, many times, about how cool a fully mobile escape room would be. We are excited to say that since October last year this became a reality and we are now busily visiting schools throughout the UK. It is a hit and we now have several side projects on the go which is equally as exciting.

If your school is looking for that unique Team Building Experience that have cross curricular links to so many different subjects then just let us know your requirements and we will be in touch.

If you want to find out more visit our dedicated Escape Room website.

We promise to let you out if your time runs out!

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Secondary School Maths Activity days

We are very pleased to announce that we are now open for bookings for all Secondary Schools for our Maths Challenge Carousel.

This new Maths Activity day has been carefully planned and tested over the last year. It is the perfect way for schools to challenge their students with a day of 32 Puzzle Challenges. The day can be run as a competition for that added edge and can be complimented with a choice of finale.

The activities are all hands on using large equipment that is integral to all of our workshops. Secondary Schools can choose the duration of the event for each group. This can be from an hour up to a full day.

Based on our UK wide success of our School Team Building Day,  The Challenge Carousel, we know The Maths Challenge carousel will be a big hit!

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The Sky Is The Limit aka Newspaper Towers – Free Team Building Exercise

The Sky is the Limit –  AKA: Newspapers Towers,  This activity is a great team building exercise where the equipment of old newspapers and a small roll of cellotape is easily acquired. To set up the activity the facilitator will need to make sets of equal number of sheets of newspaper and a small roll of cellotape. There will be one for each team. Ideally the mix of newspaper sheets will be the same size for each group. This will keep the competition element fair. The task is for the groups to create the tallest tower that must be able to stand unsupported. The final towers can be measured and points awarded for each full cm.  The location will dictate how many sheets of newspaper each group has. For example inside may only require several pieces where outside may lend itself to a full newspaper.

Group Size: Groups of 4 – 6,

Key Stage: KS1KS2 / KS3 / KS4

Team Building Skills: Creativity; Verbal Communication; Decision Making

Equipment: Newspapers; Cellotape

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Free Team Problem Solving Activity – Back To Back aka Sketch It

Back to Back – Sketch it. Students will work in pairs and sit back to back. They will take it in turns to be the describer and the sketcher. The describer will describe a shape without saying the name whilst the sketcher will try to draw the described shape as accurately as possible. To make the challenge increasingly difficult the describer can have already drawn the image to see how accurate the second image is. Of course you do not have to stop at shapes although these are a good starting place.

Group Size: 2

Key Stage:KS2 / KS3 / KS4

Team Building Skills: Verbal Communication; Listening; Patience

Equipment:Paper and something to lean on; or small whiteboards; Pens

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Free Team Building Activity – Alphabet Hunt


A great fun yet inexpensive team building activity. All that is required is some scissors a newspaper a piece of A4 paper and a glue stick or cellotape per team. We suggest that this activity is run in teams of 2-6. However larger teams will work. The aim of the activity is for the team to find as quickly as possible all of the letters of the alphabet within the newspaper. Once they have found each letter they need to cut them out and stick them on the A4 paper in the correct order. The quickest team wins. Variations of Alphabet Hunt include capital letters only / lower case or both / messages or phrases / famous people / animals etc.

Group Size: Groups of 2 – 6

Key Stage: KS1 / KS2 / KS3 / KS4

Team Building Skills: Creativity; Verbal Communication; Decision Making; Speed;

Equipment: Newspapers; Cellotape / Glue stick; A4 paper

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