Battle of the Pen – Free Indoor Team Building Game

This is an indoor team building game played around a table. Ideally even sized teams sit in lines facing each other across a table. Sitting in chairs is best as this will help to contain the games excitement! You will need a marker pen that can stand on its end. This will need to be placed in the middle of the table, within reach of the last two players from each team.

Make a point to the players that the pen is exactly in the middle of the table, even distance from the two competitors. These two players must have their hands below the table. You then toss a coin. The games master discretely communicates the outcome of heads or tales to the two players at the back of the line. If you toss the coin and its heads, the team must communicate down the line for their teammate to grab the pen before the other team. They are however not allowed to talk. Should the outcome be tails they must not pick the pen up. When the pen is correctly picked up on a ‘Heads’ the team who picked it up wins a point. If they pick it up on a ‘Tails’ they lose a point. Players can move places on each attempt so everyone gets a go at the front.

Group Size: 6+

Key stages:  KS2, KS3 , KS4, KS5

Team Building Skills: Communication, 

Equipment:Pen, Coin and table and chairs

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