Primary School Team Building

Our range of Primary School Team Building Days allows schools to choose different activities for depending on their schools and Year groups needs. Some examples can be seen below:

After SATS Enrichment – Activity Weeks – Reward Activities – Fun Days – PSHE – Friendship Weeks – Anti Bullying Initiatives – Class Bonding – Summer Schemes

Whatever the reason for booking The Problem Solving Company, pupils are given are encouraged to communicate openly, evaluate means of interaction, and successfully develop relationships. These attributes and skills are then encouraged in all aspects of their lives.

Types of Primary School Team Building Day on offer.

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Instructor Led Primary School Team Building Day

Suitable for: EYFS, KS1 and KS2 – Variations available for KS3 upwards

Duration: Session can run from 30 mins to full day sessions

Structure / Numbers: Each class will take part in their team building session. It is possible for one instructor to work with all classes from Reception – Year 6 in a day.

Our Instructor Led Team Building Days allow each class to take part in the same activity at the same time. This is done in smaller sub groups. This is possible as we bring multiple equipment of each activity to your school.

The mix of activities on offer all encourage and and clarify the importance of individual and team work skills.

Our sessions normally last for approx 35 mins for Reception and Year 1 and 40-50 mins for the other year groups. We can however offer longer sessions lasting a full day depending on the different aims and objectives of the school.

As we visit many schools each year we provide unique activities for each group eliminating any repetition when we return the next year.

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Fantastic opportunity for students to develop collaborative skills – Bute House School
A fun-packed day that allowed the children the opportunity to understand how working together can help to solve a problem more quickly. Good team fun! – Hawkesdown House School

Adventure Squad

Suitable for: KS2 – Variations available for KS3 upwards

Duration: 2 hours too full day

Structure / Numbers: This day has been designed for large numbers. We ask that a member of school staff is available for each group of 10 pupils.

This Primary School version of our Challenge Carousel has been adapted from our incredibly popular Secondary School version. It offers a collection of approx 24 team building and problem solving activities which encourage the participating students to plan, communicate, work together whilst staying motivated to finish the tasks. It’s a great way for schools to run large Team Building Days and keep the cost down. We find that this is very popular choice for Year 6/7 transition days.

Instructors come to the school and setup and oversee a large carousel of approx 24 activities. The students work in groups of approx 7-10, and visit different activity locations with a teacher / TA or parent. It will be their job to help score the students.

Each activity station has clear written instructions for the students and any guidance notes for the staff.

Split days with different groups of students in the day does NOT incur an extra charge.

A great advantage of this type of day is to that it keeps the cost down per head

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Fabulous morning of active learning and problem solving! – Cluster leader
Really great service, friendly staff, fantastic problem solving opportunities that we simply couldn’t have offered other wise! – Norbury Primary School

School Escape Rooms

Suitable for: KS2 – Variations available for KS3 upwards

Structure / Numbers: A typical day runs 4 workshops with 30 pupils in each.

With our School Escape sessions being so popular and versatile we could not resist the opportunity to create a pure Team Building Version.

The Heist gives your pupils the opportunity to test the security systems of a high tech bank. Can your pupils reach the vault?

The box’s are setup with between 6 -13 activities depending on the age group. When completed students will access a key that will open the timer box. They can then turn this off to register their time.

Every activity provides the team with a 3 – 5 digit code or letter code that will open a relevant padlock.

The Heist, along with our other escape rooms has received excellent feedback and allows pupils to be challenged in a completely new way.

We also have a fully Mobile Escape Room Vehicle for that truly immersive experience

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They all had a fantastic time. It really challenged them and kept all children engaged throughout. We would definitely book again – Greenhill Primary School
Great fun. The children all loved the challenge – Featherstone All Saints C of E Primary School


Suitable for: KS1 & KS2

Structure / Numbers:

With Map reading having a large range of cross curricular links our orienteering sessions are a fun and active way to enrich your curriculum.

Suitable for KS1 and KS2 we offer activities taking the first steps in navigation through to how to successfully use a map and compass.

These session can be stand alone sessions or incorporated into our other activity days.

Please follow the link to find out more about the different styles of orienteering days at schools

Fantastic Fun sessions for all year groups. Also great cross curricular links to Geography Leading Prep School
Enthusiastic staff and a great setup. We will be asking you back very soonSt Margarets


Suitable for: KS2

Structure / Numbers:

Shipwrecked takes suitable activities from our Bushcraft and Survival Challenge Day allowing KS2 children the opportunity to try their hand at a range of new activities.

First of all the pupils must take the first steps to survive the initial shipwrecking. In contrast they then need to work out how too escape the island. This activity day sees students navigating and shelter building to filtering water and raft building.

The contents of the sessions are often adapted to allow links to current areas of study.

What an amazing day the children had! The two ladies who ran the workshops were excellent.They were well prepared, with an excellent range of resources, a lovely approach and manner to the children and the right balance of sense of fun, ensuring all of the children, irrespective of their ability, were fully engaged. – Woodham Ley Primary School
A fantastic Day from start to finish, thank you – A leading Private School