Secondary School Team Building Activity Days

There are many reasons why Secondary schools book us to run our activities at their school. A few of these can be seen below.

Enrichment Days – Activity Weeks – Reward Activities – Drop Down Days Collapsed Timetabled Days – Summer Schemes

Whatever the reason the Problem Solving Company has many years of experience creating days that fit the needs of thousands of schools throughout the UK.

Types of Secondary School Team Building Activities Day on offer.

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The Challenge Carousel

Suitable for: KS3, KS4, Sixth Form (KS5)

Duration: Sessions can run for 120 mins to full days

The Challenge Carousel is a collection of over 30 team building and problem solving activities which encourage the participating students to plan, communicate, work together whilst staying motivated to finish the tasks. It’s a great way for schools to run large Team Building Days and keep the cost down.

Instructors come to the school and setup and oversee a large carousel of approx 32 activities. The students work in groups of approx 7-10, and visit different activity locations with a teacher / TA or sixth former. It will be their job to help score the students.

Each activity station has clear written instructions for the students and any guidance notes for the staff.

We have run this style of day for over 1000 students. Split days with different groups of students in the day does NOT incur an extra charge.

A great advantage of this type of day is to that it keeps the cost down per head

Find out more about The Challenge Carousel

Instructor Led Secondary School Team Building Day

Suitable for: KS3, KS4, Sixth Form (KS5)

Duration: Sessions can run for 60 mins to full days

The Problem Solving Companies Instructor Led Team Building Days are a brilliant way to for students to experienced an array of Team Building Tasks all whilst being accompanied by one of our experienced instructors at all times.

For every class of 30 students taking part we will provide 1 instructor. This ratio of 1:30 allows the facilitation of a quality experience. We have run this style of day for up to 600 students at the same time.

Typically the group of 30 will be split into 4-6 smaller sub groups. As we are able to bring multiple equipment sets of the same activity, the whole class will always be doing the same activity.

A real advantage of this type of day is that the sub groups can constantly change allowing the class or form to work with many different groups of people during the day.

Another advantage of this type of day is that the school does not need to provide as many staff as the Challenge Carousel.

School Escape Rooms

Suitable for: KS3, KS4, Sixth Form (KS5)

Duration: 50 – 90 mins – Often incorporated into full days of team building activities

With the huge success of Maths, Science and History Classroom Escapes we now have two escapes dedicated to Secondary School Team Building.

Our Escape sessions require the students to use their problem solving skills to firstly access the Escape Box and then follow a series of clues and puzzles to reach a key. This key will allow them to access a timer to register their time

The Team Building themes currently on offer are The Bank Heist and a Mayan Adventure.

One instructor can currently run back to back sessions with 30 students in each.

This activity can be incorporated into both The Challenge Carousel and our Bespoke Team Building Days.

Find out more about our Escape Room Challenges

Mobile Escape Van

Suitable for: KS3, KS4, Sixth Form (KS5)

Duration: 50 – 90 mins – Often incorporated into full days of team building activities

If you are wanting the ultimate Escape Room experience at your Secondary School then look no further. Perfect for groups of 5-6 students, this exciting and immersive activity will have students trying to escape by fulfilling a series of group challenges. This technology ready experience will not disappoint

Visit our dedicated Escape Rooms website unique Mobile Escape Rooms