The Maths Challenge Carousel

The Maths Challenge Carousel is the perfect Secondary School Maths Puzzle Day. It follows the nationwide success of The Challenge Carousel used by thousands of schools to facilitate their Team Building Days

The Maths Challenge Carousel, consisting of 32 large puzzle challenges, is ideally setup in a hall, gym or sports hall. The activities, of varying difficulty, allow groups of students to investigate, question, reason and even make mistakes! All of these attributes being integral to the problem solving process.

This Secondary School Maths Puzzle Day starts with a brief introduction on how the carousel works. This introduces The Challenge Board which hosts the 32 activity boards detailing the activities. Groups will choose an activity and take the board to the specific activity location. Here the group will find all of the bespoke equipment they need to attempt the challenge. The board will tell them what the challenge is and how to score points. All answers can be recorded in the provided answer booklet. The group can then return to the Challenge Board, replace the activity board and repeat the process with another activity.

If you are running a full day session with the same group of students we will bring a collection of “All In” challenges that will take place at different points through the day. These are a great way to re-focus the groups after break and lunch times.

Group Size

The Maths Challenge Carousel can be run for large numbers of students as we have multiple setups of the 32 activities. For each visiting instructor the school can have up to approx 30 students taking part.

Sessions can be provided for two hours too full days. Because we charge by the number of instructors, rather than by head, there is no extra cost for changing the participating groups through the day.

Finale Finish

If you are looking at a full day activity we also offer two different finales to the day. This generally takes place for the last 60-90 mins of the day. Normally when we run the Maths Challenge Carousel for the day we run it as a competition, so all groups will have accumulated points during the session. These points can be used towards both of the finales that are on offer:

Finale 1: Groups race to be the first to complete our School Escape Room challenge. This entails firstly accessing our escape boxes and then working through the different challenges to find a key that allows access to a timer that needs to be stopped.

Finale 2: Groups need to design a vehicle that can be made from our giant construction kits that will fulfil certain criteria. They will need to do this on a strict budget and timescale.

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If you are interested in the Maths Challenge Carousel and want to know more, then please do contact us



KS3 - KS4



By using the chart below you will be able to calculate how many instructors require and the cost of your day:

StaffNumber of
OneUp to 30
students at a time
TwoUp to 60

students at a time

ThreeUp to 90

students at a time

FourUp to 120

students at a time


If you are looking for more than 120 students to participate we can bring another full carousel setup

If you are looking for multiple days please contact us for a discounted price.




good behaviour management, excellent curriculum knowledge, well taught, kept to timings. very pleased. Highly recommended. - Teynham Primary


Excellent workshops, with so many curriculum aims covered in all year groups, and engaging, fun activities to cover these aims. The children were also able to apply their own skills, in a challenging way that required them to problem solve and reason. - St Clare's Primary