Engineering and Construction Activity Days

The Problem Solving Company love a good puzzle and our range of Engineering and Construction activity days can certainly provide a challenge.

Our mix of activities has been tailored for Secondary School pupils in KS3, KS4 and Sixth Forms.

Our Engineering and Construction Challenges takes construction to a whole new level,  sometimes quiet literally.

Design & Construct

These giant construction kits consist of large pieces of plastic tubing, wheels, bolts, and panels. Our instructors will set a variety of challenges to the participating teams. Activities such as stack it high or stack it low through to Emergency Rescue. This is where teams have to create a delivery vehicle for a first aid kit to aid some injured adventurers. This might sound easy until you realise you also have to build a bridge to cross a river out of the provided pieces.

Bridge Build

In this activity, students are challenged to build a bridge/s that will be capable of different requirements. From holding the greatest weight, allowing a path of travel to making it without fixings are all challenges that can be attempted.

As a result different kinds of Bridge Build kits being on offer, gives this activity the ability to be run from the classroom or outside on the school field.


As this activity name suggests, be ready for lots of ups and downs. Teams of students will be responsible for their section of track that will be a part of “the bigger picture”.

Teams will need to liaise with their section’s neighbours to allow for success for the full team.

This construction challenge guarantees a room full of cheers and a few nerve wracking moments!

Land Rafting

The Problem Solving Company can bring most of the items we need to school but we have to draw the line at bringing a lake.

We have therefore come up with Land Rafting. Our rafting equipment has been modified to allow the barrels to act as wheels instead of flotation devices.

Our experienced instructors will show different techniques incorporating lashing, hitches and knots that will, with some careful planning, allow our teams to complete their journey.


This fun challenge sets students the task to build a working Trebuchet, or catapult.

Teams are provided with some simple equipment and asked to create a contraption that can fire different ammunition.

In addition the catapult needs to be able to fulfil a variety of challenges that involve accuracy! The more control the better, as some  of our outdoor sessions cumulate in the different groups,  whilst remaining in their bases, trying to secure a direct shot on their competitors using water bombs.

All of our Engineering and Construction Activity days are a great way to challenge teams on activities that have varied solutions. In all of these challenges teams will need to agree on an approach for success.

Booking schools can choose to book a full day of activities for their students. In contrast individual activities can incorporated into our other Secondary School Team Building Days.

We also offer a range of Maths Days in Secondary Schools.

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We enjoyed the day tremendously, thank you. The presenter was very good with our students - Bethany School


A great range of STEM related challenges. - Leading Private School