School Team Building

For many teachers, the barriers that prevent the organising of off site School Team Building Days has increased over the years. For 13 years The Problem Solving Company has offered on site programs that remove barriers such as costly transport fees, large amounts of paperwork and the disruption to the school timetable when staffing a school trip.

Our mobile School Team Building Days offer the complete package to both Primary Schools and secondary school team building activitiesTeam Building Days in schoolsSecondary Schools who are looking to successfully support learning outside the classroom, either using their school hall, sports hall, playground or fields.

Our Team Building Days in Schools encourage team participation by helping students focus on skills such as Planning, Communication,  Working Together and Perseverance… name a few. By developing these Team Skills students are helped to achieve more, not just in school, but life outside of the classroom and beyond into the future workplace.

The Problem Solving Company offer courses throughout the year and our full time, skilled team are dedicated to helping students of all ages achieve the most from the activities they participate in.

As well as skilled facilitators, to ensure the best learning outcomes are achieved from our team building days, The Problem Solving Company has distinguished itself from other providers by developing a large range of team building activities that use bespoke equipment kits, made for the education sector. This approach has also led us to becoming the UK leader in supplying Team Building Equipment Activity Kits to schools.

Our fully mobile range of team challenges can cater for small groups or up to 1000+ pupils at the same time. We realise that many schools will have different requirements such as numbers of students,  timetabling and space allocations. The Problem Solving Company has 13 years experience running team building activities in schools and can therefore be very flexible in what is provided to your school. For many schools an off the shelf day such as our very popular Challenge Carousel  will fit the bill. For others we will design a Bespoke Activity Day to your specific requirements.

Whichever style of day you choose, by booking The Problem Solving Company you will be in safe hands, with hundreds of satisfied schools, team building days in schools have never been so much fun, yet so straightforward!

Have a look at our video below of featuring one of our bespoke school team building days.