Secondary School Maths Activity Days

If your Secondary School is looking to hold a maths enrichment day The Problem Solving Company’s KS3 and KS4 maths activity days are a great way to involve either small numbers of students or whole year groups.

Our range of Secondary Maths Days have been carefully designed to help students see Maths from a different perspective. The workshops and activity days are all based around a hands on experience where the students are encouraged to understand the benefits of reasoning during their Problem Solving experience.

Types of Secondary School Maths Workshops available.

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The Maths Challenge Carousel

Suitable for: KS3 and KS4

Structure / Numbers: The Maths Challenge Carousel can accommodate up to 120 students at any one time. Time scale can be 2hr too full day sessions

The Maths Challenge Carousel is incredibly versatile day and we have ran the day in many different timescales / number of participants.

It is possible to have different groups visiting during the day or simply having the same students for the full day.

Incorporating 32 different hands on Maths Problem Solving Challenges has allowed us to have different levels of challenge which allows an inclusive day for all.

The Maths Challenge carousel can be run as a competition and it is possible to have a choice of finale finishes if the same students have been doing the activities for the full day.

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I just wanted to thank you and your team for an outstanding day yesterday. The girls loved it and we had some very positive feedback from them – St Margaret’s School
Children were totally absorbed the entire time, hardly wanted any breaks and certainly did not want the day to finish – Surrey Secondary School

School Escape Rooms

Suitable for: KS3,  KS4

Structure / Numbers:  When visiting Secondary Schools we usually run our Classroom Escapes in parallel with their school day. This is normally 5 or 6 sessions with approx. 30 students in each session.

We run a large range of topics for our Classroom Escapes with Maths being a very popular choice. Working in small groups the students firstly have to work out how to get into one of our bespoke Escape Boxes by solving a maths puzzle. Once entry to the box has been achieved a range of different maths based challenges are revealed that use a range of resources. If the students are successful at cracking the codes a key will be revealed so they can stop the timer to register their time

Our Classroom Escapes have been received with great enthusiasm from students and teachers alike. It has proved a great way to get even the most reluctant learner enthused about Maths Challenges.

Due to the popularity of the Escape sessions we have a few different versions available. As we often visit schools the same schools each year this avoids any repetition of the previous years activities.

The boys really enjoyed working together to solve puzzles in this way as it was something they hadn’t done in this way before. A fantastic experience that we will look to repeat – Manchester Grammar School
The escape room day offered children an opportunity to apply maths skills in context. The challenging aspect of the tasks enhanced the fun and enabled the children to come away with a positive can do approach to maths – Farringtons School

Maths Problem Solving Day

Suitable for: KS3 and KS4 

Structure / Numbers: Each class will take part in their own workshop. This is perfect if a school require multiple back to back sessions through the day., with different students. This will generally fit in with the schools normal timetable.

If your school is looking for a series of short sessions for different classes through the day then this style of Maths Workshop fits the bill.

The instructor will oversee a collection of typically 4-6 activities that each sub group of students (Typically 5) will get to participate in .

The activities are all large hands on challenges and give a great opportunity for the students to to understand the benefits of reasoning, enquiry and evaluation, which are all key components to problem solving

A fantastic way to engage students in maths activities. Even the least engaged students were seen to be taking part and enjoying it.
The instructors worked tirelessly to provide an outstanding day with some fantastic maths activities for Secondary Schools,thank you!

Mobile Escape Van

Suitable for: Upper KS3, KS4 and KS5

Structure / Numbers: Groups of 6 with a maximum of 60 during one day.

Building on the success of our Escape Boxes we have created a unique Mobile Escape Room Experience. This fantastic resource allows groups of 6 students to be locked in a proper Escape Room. Monitored via CCTV by our friendly instructor the students try and follow a series of challenges that hopefully allows them to escape the room. This immersive experience allows maths to be interacted with in a completely different way to the norm,  and one that will be remembered for years to come.

The school were delighted with the experience – Nesta
The escape room was great, I was only sad not to get to try it out myself! – Organising Teacher