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If your school need to implement problem solving and team building skills into the curriculum, The Problem Solving Company can initiate tailored school activity days to fit your needs, and complement your existing school ethos. Do your staff complain that they do not have the skills, confidence or time to improve investigation work? Do your children require better communication skills? Using the six key skills communication, application of maths, ICT, working with others, improving self learning and problem solving, the school based workshops focus on preparing, maximising and evaluating children’s ability to work together.

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By finding their individual role and learning technique, children gain confidence when working in groups. This style stimulates children to understand the benefits of reasoning, enquiry and evaluation, which are all key components to problem solving. During these school activity days, children are encouraged to communicate openly, evaluate means of interaction, and successfully develop relationships.

About Our School Activity Days

Based on thinking skills, accelerated learning, and team challenges, The Problem Solving Company promotes fun and lively education. Encouraging children to think “out of the box” and dissect problems into a series of smaller components helps them to reach an outcome or solution. Recognising that every child is different and learns in a unique way, the sessions focus equally on competitiveness, collaboration and independent working.

Using stimulating resources and adventurous activities, children are guided to learn through play and enjoyment. Physical and cognitive challenges encourage them to reason with one another, promoting personal development and self-esteem.

These activities are differentiated to suit all ages and abilities. The days focus on maths problem solving workshops or team building activities and are set in the school hall or school grounds using provided resources. The Problem Solving Company is happy to include school staff into any workshop, or take the class independently. Small group work and whole class teaching is available.

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