Year 1 and 2 Activity Days

The Problem Solving Company has created a range of team building activities that have been specifically designed for year 1 and 2 activity days. By engaging children in team building exercises and games in Key Stage 1 presents them with experience working in groups from the beginning of their school life.

With group work being such an important part of KS1 children’s learning, The Problem Solving Company reinforce the importance of listening to each others ideas and taking it in turns. By taking part in fun interactions children will  be helped to move from individual ways of thinking (intrapersonal) to communication with others (interpersonal).

Being able to work as part of a team will help develop your KS1 children’s social and emotional skills, help strengthen their communication skills, and in turn will boost confidence.

All of our team building activities encourage a range of learning outcomes and should schools wish to combine some of our Maths Activities into their team building days this is possible.

If you are interested about finding out more about our Year 1 & 2 Team Building Activity Days please complete our short enquiry form.