Mental Health & Wellbeing At Schools.

The Problem Solving Company recognise what a challenging time it can be for students. Mental health & wellbeing in schools is more important than ever.

There has been a global Increase in stress and anxiety in young people. Unsurprisingly this is causing a massive impact on a generation affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Going back to school will have lead to many difficult feelings: withdrawn; lack of confidence; social isolation; anger or depressed or worry feelings; changed eating habits; struggling with routines; easily upset; quick to anger; reliance on screens.

In order to address this, part of our staff training includes being aware of and how to incorporate an awareness of wellbeing into our School Team Building Days. Above all, mental wellbeing is everyone’s business.

We incorporate and practice ways of modelling self care in all of our activity days.

Types Of Self Care - Ways To Decrease Stress & Anxiety.


Stress reduction through outdoor activity. For instance our Outdoor Team Building Days can help to reduce stress and anxiety with physical activity releasing the feel good endorphins. We encourage physical activity throughout our team building and workshop days. Learning outside the classroom helps this strategy where ever possible.


Social anxiety: Our team building days are designed to encourage friendship groups to  develop, encourage team work and cooperative working, build confidence and autonomy and  have an ethos of inclusivity. With this in mind our staff are trained to look out for the quieter more withdrawn children and use gentle encouragement to enable all children to participate. In addition our days are designed with socialisation, peer support, and developing relationships at the heart of what we do. Now more than ever children need access to peer support and peer activities in order to help social anxiety. Our team days encourage learning as well as socialisation outside the classroom. 

Emotional Support

The Problem Solving Company trained staff achieve the best participation levels. Our staff know about how to get the best out of all those who take part. We encourage thinking and participation in an encouraging environment. Similarly staff practice empathy and understanding and strive to get all children feeling positive and encouraged with a sense of achievement at the end of our days. In turn this helps to build confidence in young people and decrease stress and anxiety through that sense of empowerment and achieving. We know that problem solving skills can lead to greater feelings of emotional well health. We actively promote this in our days.


We know many children have been in lockdown and have not had access to outdoor space. The Problem Solving Company understand the impact this can have on our stress and anxiety levels. Being outdoors and in nature leads to great feelings of well being and fewer stress and anxiety difficulties. Uniquely our position allows us to bring our Mobile Outdoor School Activity Days to you. Bushcraft, outdoor crazy golf, escape rooms and laser tag as well as a host of team building challenges allows children to experience the outdoors which can be meditative and relaxing as well as learning new skills. With this in mind, supporting children to have a greater sense of self worth will help decrease anxiety and stress.

Mental wellbeing is so important to us as a company that we regularly have consultation with a trained child psychotherapist working in NHS Camhs. We incorporate mental wellbeing in everything we do from our school team building days, our staff training, our maths workshops and our interactions with children in your school.

In conclusion our overriding ethos is one that mental health and wellbeing is everyone’s business.