School Escape Rooms

If you have taken part in an escape or breakout room, then you will know exactly how much fun they are.

The Problem Solving Company have set up School Escape Rooms which has adapted this concept enabling us to offer “Classroom Escapes” in your school.

Classroom Escapes are an immersive learning experience that unlock:

room-escapesNational Curriculum Subjects Student led Activityescape-room
Communication Skillsroom-escape Problem Solving Activityroom-breakouts
Enquiry Based Learningescape-room-games Team Buildingbreak-out-rooms
Perseveranceexit-rooms Working Under Pressureescape-rooms
Inference Skillsbreakout-games Working Collaborativelybreakout-room

When all of this is combined, a unique learning experience, with lots of fun, is guaranteed.

How do Classroom Escapes Work?

The class are introduced to their theme and how our escape boxes work. Working in small groups the students crack codes, work out riddles and solve puzzles to gain access to the next level.

The groups race against the clock, to reunite with information, to unravel the mystery.

We run our Classroom escapes with up to 30 students in each room and the sessions can be tailored to meet the requirements of each particular group and learning outcomes.

School Escape Room Subject Areas

We currently have developed School Escape Rooms covering topic areas of History,  Science and Maths for Primary Schools and as a Team Building Activity for Secondary Schools.

We have a designated website which can be found at