Primary School Escape / Breakout Rooms

School Escape Rooms has bridged the gap between traditional Escape Rooms or Breakout Rooms, that can be visited around the country, and  bringing an engaging Breakout / Escape themed  activity to schools. This has also allowed us to create age appropriate challenges and allows a class of children to take part at any one time.

This has all been made possible by developing our bespoke Escape Boxes.  Combining these boxes with codes, riddles and puzzles created by industry experts  has provided a great way to take part in collaborative, immersive problem solving activities. These session can cover a range of themes and topics.

How it works

The Escape box’s are setup with between 6 -13 activities depending on the age group that the escape is for. When completed pupils will access a key that will open the timer box. They can then turn this off to register their time.

Every activity provides the team with a 3 – 5 digit code or letter code that will open a relevant padlock.

We aim to run our School Escape Days in the school hall. If this is not possible we can use a classroom although this must be the same classroom for the duration of our stay.

Our School Escapes are suitable for Ks2 children at Primary School and we can generally accommodate 4 classes in a day. There is an example timetable in the sidebar of this page.

Prices start from £495.00 plus VAT for one instructor for the day


We currently offer School Escape activities following National Curriculum subject areas for Primary Schools in:





If you are interested in School Escape Rooms then please do contact us

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