Shipwrecked – Island Escape

The Problem Solving Company have designed Shipwrecked – Island Escape for KS2

Shipwrecked takes activities from our Secondary Bushcraft and Survival Carousel creating a journey of survival and escape.

The days are designed to be run outside ideally on the school field. The journey will see students complete a series of activities that contribute towards an end goal.

The sessions are based on the theme of initially surviving and then escaping from an island. This is where your team of intrepid explorers has been washed up after your ship was wrecked on nearby rocks.

The activities that your pupils will therefore take part in range from classic team building challenges to bushcraft and survival skills. These may include navigating, shelter building, filtering water and raft building.

The activities have all been designed to develop team work by using a series of problem solving challenges and furthermore develop actual skills that could be used again.

The sessions are not just a collection of stand alone activities. Instead a day collecting equipment, utilising new skills and decision making hopefully culminating in a successful escape.

The sessions can run from approx 1 hour 30 to half day and full day sessions.