For this team building activity everyone is required to stand in a circle. The bigger the group the better – Tricky at the time of print!

Go around the circle and give all team members a name – Kiwi, lime, pineapple, banana. These names can be whatever you fancy, although you need to try and remember them all.

You will then randomly shout out one of the fruit. Team members with that name have to run around the circle and swap places with another of the named fruits. You cannot swap with someone next door to you.

Keep doing this, then randomly shout ‘fruit salad’ at which point, everyone needs to move (Carnage). You can use this as an eliminator – perhaps the last person to swap has to be the caller. 

Group Size: 6+

Key stages: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4,  KS5

Team Building Skills: Listening, communication, Encouragement

Equipment: No Equipment Required