A great fun yet inexpensive team building activity. All that is required is some scissors a newspaper a piece of A4 paper and a glue stick or cellotape per team. We suggest that this activity is run in teams of 2-6. However larger teams will work. The aim of the activity is for the team to find as quickly as possible all of the letters of the alphabet within the newspaper. Once they have found each letter they need to cut them out and stick them on the A4 paper in the correct order. The quickest team wins. Variations of Alphabet Hunt include capital letters only / lower case or both / messages or phrases / famous people / animals etc.

Group Size: Groups of 2 – 6

Key Stage: KS1 / KS2 / KS3 / KS4

Team Building Skills: Creativity; Verbal Communication; Decision Making; Speed;

Equipment: Newspapers; Cellotape / Glue stick; A4 paper