Flap The Fish – Fast Paced Team Building Activity

Group Size – Unlimited – although space dependant
Key stages –  KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5
Team Building Skills : Common aim, competitive
Equipment – Newspapers, magazine, thick plastic bag.
Split your students into the same sized groups of between 3 – 6
This fun fast paced fishy game is very simple with equipment that is easily found. The facilitator will need to cut some large fish from a piece of paper, thick plastic bag or something similar. Anything from A4 size upwards will be perfect.
Each team will have their own fish. Each team will also need something that will create some wind behind the fish. An exercise book, magazine or newspaper will do the job.
Each team member will need to race around an half way point creating enough wind to power their fish without touching it. They must make it go around the half way point and back to the start for the next member of their team. The first team where everyone has powered the fish around the course and back wins.
A shorter variation is that each team member is only allowed 5 flaps and then must return to the start line, from where the next team member takes over. This is repeated with the team members until the course is finished.

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