Blindfold Pass – Free Blindfolded Team Building Activity

For this blindfolded team building activity the group stand in a large circle. One member of the group stands in the middle of the circle. They need to wear a blindfold.

The facilitator should then as carefully as possible pass a bell, or other noisy item, to one of the group members in the large circle.

This bell should then be passed around the circle be very carful not to make any noise.

If the person in the middle hears the bell they must point to where they think it is. If they are correct then the “noisy person” should swap places with the blindfolded member of the group.

A great blindfolded team building activity for a whole class or year groups.

Group Size: 10 – 100

Key stages: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5 

Team Building Skills : Co-operation, Trust

Equipment: Bell or other noisy item

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