The Sky is the Limit –  AKA: Newspapers Towers,  This activity is a great team building exercise where the equipment of old newspapers and a small roll of cellotape is easily acquired. To set up the activity the facilitator will need to make sets of equal number of sheets of newspaper and a small roll of cellotape. There will be one for each team. Ideally the mix of newspaper sheets will be the same size for each group. This will keep the competition element fair. The task is for the groups to create the tallest tower that must be able to stand unsupported. The final towers can be measured and points awarded for each full cm.  The location will dictate how many sheets of newspaper each group has. For example inside may only require several pieces where outside may lend itself to a full newspaper.

Group Size: Groups of 4 – 6,

Key Stage: KS1KS2 / KS3 / KS4

Team Building Skills: Creativity; Verbal Communication; Decision Making

Equipment: Newspapers; Cellotape