During our Primary School Coding Workshop the class will build a game from scratch using real world game making tools. The session begins with looking at what makes a game and how we can use algorithms, functions, variables and debugging to build up a game component by component.

During the morning, we’ll get used to common programing paradigms and vocabulary. The class will then be introduced to the integrated development environment (IDE) in which they will create their game. They will get used to an object oriented design pattern as they begin to choose features to implement and create scripts and object to achieve their desired outcome.

The class will learn about creating algorithms to achieve their desired feature and see how changing them changes the gameplay. They’ll have to write code and debug problems. They’ll continually test and recode their games to make sure they work as expected.

Toward the end of the day there will be time for fine tuning their game before testing out each other’s. With a final display of some of the real-world games that have been created using the free software they have been using, we hope to inspire them to continue coding after the workshop too. They’ll have taken the first steps to mastering their coding superpower!