The Problem Solving Company have been running carousels of Team Building Activities in schools since our first school visits in 2007. We have taken these basic carousels and developed our Challenge Carousel enabling a cheaper way for your  students to take part for longer. Tailored for upper Ks2 (years 5 & 6),  The Challenge CaroSecondary School Activity Daysusel has been a great success in many schools. The Problem Solving Company will provide a minimum of two members of staff who set up your school sports halls,  playground or field with a selection of 32 Team Building & Problem Solving activities that will have been selected for your school KS2 Team BuildingThe day starts in with


a short presentation on how the day works, and also focuses on the different team skills that the pupils will need to use through the day. Once complete, groups of a maximum of ten pupils,  accompanied by an adult organised by the school,  can choose an activity from the Challenge Board. All of the activities are low risk and the adults will not need any prior knowledge of the activities. The team then need to locate the activity which may be situated in the school or its grounds depending on the time of year.  The Problem Solving Company will provide the equipment, and set it up, with clear simple written instructions for each activity. Once complete the team return to the Challenge Board and choose their next task. We often run our challenge carousels as competitive days where the pupils are scored on certain criteria relating to team work and the different activities. The Challenge Carousel uses your school staff to help keep the cost down. Our instructors will setup all of the activitiesKS3 Team Building Activities,  run and oversee the day spending time with all of the groups and help them to evaluate their performances during the day. If you are looking for a day where each class has activities led by an instructor please see our Primary School Team Building Days. We have lots of different ways of organising our  Challenge Carousel depending on the number and ages of the pupils and if you want to combine any of our other activities as part of the day. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your school.