Mobile Problem Solving & Team Building Days For Schools

The Problem Solving Company offer schools a comprehensive range of mobile problem solving & school team building days. Our team of experienced instructors visit schools throughout the UK bringing everything that we need to run a host of activity days. Whether you are looking to book a Maths Workshops or a Year 7 Transition Team Building Day we create an experience that fits your needs and requirements. In addition it will be an experience for your students that will be memorable for years to come.

Maths Workshops

The Problem Solving Company offers maths workshops for both Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the UK.
Our National Curriculum based workshops are a great way to improve the image of maths in your school. Using large resources enables maximum participation for the groups and helps encourage communication and team skills.

As well as developing thinking skills, maths concepts and dialogue the maths activities will help foster a can do attitude amongst your students.

Our maths activities are timetabled around your normal school day and the number of students participating. Ranging from groups of small students to whole primary schools maths days or weeks, to whole year groups at Secondary school.

Mobile School Team Building Activities

Our mobile Team Building Days delivered in schools are the perfect solution to providing your students with a developmental, exciting and fun day. The Problem Solving Company offer a variety of different programs for both Primary and Secondary Schools ranging from short workshops to full activity days

Suited to both small and large groups of students, our activity programmes are created to differentiate between age ranges, allowing the students to get the most from their experience.

Eliminating expensive transport costs, reams of paperwork, and the need to leave the school grounds makes The Problem Solving Companies School Team Building Days are a very popular choice.

Escape Rooms

Our range of School Escape Rooms offers both Primary and Secondary Schools the chance to engage their students in a completely new way.

This very popular activity sees students code breaking, solving riddles and puzzles. With a myriad of compartments and padlocks our Escape Boxes engage even the most reluctant of students

As well as Maths and Team Building we also cover topics such as Science and History.

If you think your students are up for a challenge then this is the activity for you!

If you are looking for that extra special activity, our fully mobile Escape Van can be setup in your playground. This fully immersive experience will be talked about for years.

We often get asked if we have any Team Building & Problem Solving Activities that teachers can run before or after we visit the school. We have decided that the best way to tell you about a such activities and games is via our blog. The activities will use minimal equipment so this should not cause a headache for busy teachers. Any equipment required should easily be found at school. We do not run these activities when we visit schools. Our activities use large, hands on, specialist equipment.

As well as telling you about these activities and games, our blog will give you an insight into some of our visits to schools, both Primary and Secondary, throughout the country. This will cover our range of activities from EYFS to KS1 & KS2 through to Secondary School years of KS3, KS4 and KS5. We offer Maths Activity Workshops, Team Building Days and School Escape Rooms. If you are interested in finding our more please do get in contact.

Our Mobile Service Visits Schools Throughout The UK