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Blindfold Pass – Free Blindfolded Team Building Activity

For this blindfolded team building activity the group stand in a large circle. One member of the group stands in the middle of the circle. They need to wear a blindfold. The facilitator should then as carefully as possible pass

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Battle of the Pen – Free Indoor Team Building Game

This is an indoor team building game played around a table. Ideally even sized teams sit in lines facing each other across a table. Sitting in chairs is best as this will help to contain the games excitement! You will

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Fruit Salad – Free Team Building Game

For this team building activity everyone is required to stand in a circle. The bigger the group the better – Tricky at the time of print! Go around the circle and give all team members a name – Kiwi, lime,

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Mobile Escape Room – Team Building For Schools

The Team at The Problem Solving Company love taking part in team challenges and for many years we have been big fans of Escape Rooms. These immersive, team building activities are a great way for work or friendship teams to

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Secondary School Maths Activity days

We are very pleased to announce that we are now open for bookings for all Secondary Schools for our Maths Challenge Carousel. This new Maths Activity day has been carefully planned and tested over the last year. It is the

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The Sky Is The Limit aka Newspaper Towers – Free Team Building Exercise

The Sky is the Limit –  AKA: Newspapers Towers,  This activity is a great team building exercise where the equipment of old newspapers and a small roll of cellotape is easily acquired. To set up the activity the facilitator will

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Free Team Problem Solving Activity – Back To Back aka Sketch It

Back to Back – Sketch it. Students will work in pairs and sit back to back. They will take it in turns to be the describer and the sketcher. The describer will describe a shape without saying the name whilst

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Free Team Building Activity – Alphabet Hunt

  A great fun yet inexpensive team building activity. All that is required is some scissors a newspaper a piece of A4 paper and a glue stick or cellotape per team. We suggest that this activity is run in teams

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