The Team at The Problem Solving Company love taking part in team challenges and for many years we have been big fans of Escape Rooms. These immersive, team building activities are a great way for work or friendship teams to bond.

For many years we have been running a compact version of escape rooms for schools by using our Escape Boxes. This has been a phenomenal success with us now having run mobile escape room Activities for many thousands of schools throughout the UK.

For many years we have also had the conversation, many times, about how cool a fully mobile escape room would be. We are excited to say that since October last year this became a reality and we are now busily visiting schools throughout the UK. It is a hit and we now have several side projects on the go which is equally as exciting.

If your school is looking for that unique Team Building Experience that have cross curricular links to so many different subjects then just let us know your requirements and we will be in touch.

If you want to find out more visit our dedicated Escape Room website.

We promise to let you out if your time runs out!