The Problem Solving Company – Meet The Team

The Problem Solving Company prides itself that its instructors all bring a wealth of experience to the team. With many years of experience working with school groups, allows us to guarantee that our courses live up to expectations.




Will Woods started The Problem Solving Company in 2007. After 8 years working in private and Local Education Authority Outdoor Centres the call from Teachers to provide a mobile service that visited schools was the driving force for the creation of the company. Will now oversees the running of the company and still visits schools whenever possible.






Tim is our Operations Manager and  has come from a background working within the education sector working at a leading outdoor education centre and also delivering workshops in schools. He runs all aspects of our programs and leads our teams of instructors on larger activity days.






Alex comes from a Science background with a degree in Aquatic Zoology. She runs our Maths programs alongside a range of our Escape Room activities. In the Summer Months Alex will be found running our larger team building days throughout the UK. Alex is a keen skier squeezing in as many trips between workshops as possible in the Winter months.



Liam is the thespian in the team with an acting degree and has a particular interest in the role of creativity in the modern educational system. A keen mathematician Liam can often be found creating new and tweaking old puzzles for our programs. Liam runs our Maths,  escape and team building programs. A love of  both playing and listening to music is clear to everyone.


Amber a keen sportswomen, brings a range of skills to the team. With past teaching experiences reflecting her Sports Science Degree,  Amber’s Maths and Science Knowledge is a perfect mix for running our various programs throughout out the year. When Amber is not visiting schools you will find her on the netball court or playing in other sports teams.


Kirsty holds a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science and brings to the team experiences in coaching and outdoor activities. A keen rower, both personally and coaching others, Kirsty’s Maths and Science knowledge are a perfect combination of subjects for our workshops and events.