School Workshops

The Problem Solving Company offers Primary and Secondary Schools in the UK the chance to participate in a range of school workshops and activity days. Depending on the aims and objectives of your school we will help guide you in your choice.

We cover workshops in a growing number of different subject areas many with  cross curricular links between different subjects.

Maths Problem Solving Workshops

The Problem Solving Company has been running maths problem solving days in schools for many years and each year we get busier. The workshops can are can be offered to Primary and Secondary schools and can help give maths the positive boost that is so often needs. Our hands on activities instantly engage even the most reluctant student.

When we visit Primary Schools as part of their maths day or Maths week we typically run Primary School Maths Workshops for all classes from reception through to Year 6,  helping all classes feel that maths is important. These are approx 40 min sessions through the day. Our instructors can also run Workshops for longer periods of time. Workshops can run for up to half a day for KS1 children and full days for KS2 pupils.

Our Secondary School Maths Workshops vary from half and full day sessions with small groups through to full days with whole year groups. These are facilitated by a team of instructors that will work with all of the students at some point in the day

Team Building Days

Providing Team building days is where the The Problem Solving Company started back in 2007. We have a huge range of activities for both Primary and Secondary schools.

When providing Primary Schools Team Building Days we often run workshops for all classes through the day starting with Reception and working up to Year 6.  We are more than happy discuss longer sessions with  groups that require that extra exposure to working together such as classes that are having difficulty in bonding through to preparing Year 6 for their transition to Secondary School.

When facilitating Secondary School Team Building Days we are well versed working with large numbers of students with experience of working with groups of over 500 plus students simultaneously. We run two style of days which are our Challenge Carousel and our Bespoke Team Building Days helping schools to find a day to fit their budget.

School Escape Rooms

Our School Escape Rooms are new for 2016 and have been designed for both Primary and Secondary Schools.

For Primary Schools we have created Classroom escapes to support History,  Science and Maths. They have been tailored for KS2 and are a great immersive activity that have been designed to support the National Curriculum. They have been designed for full classes to take part simultaneously.

Our Secondary School escape Rooms have been designed to fit into activity days with a real emphasis on collaboration and team work. Teams race each other to solve the mysteries before the other groups.

Design and Construction Challenge

Our Design and Construction Challenge sessions typically last between 45 mins and half day sessions. Teams are confronted with a building task using our giant construction kits. They will need to carefully agree on a design and then execute their plan. With constraints such a time, budgets and suitability for the task this is a great challenge for Upper KS2 through to the teachers at your school.